How to add or claim your business on Google

Want to make sure your correct business information shows up on Google? Then you’ll want to sign up for Google my business a free service that lets you maintain your business information online.

There are two ways to get started with Google my business. You can claim ownership of your business on Google or you can add your business on Google, will cover both ways in this video. Search for your business on Google, if any of the results match your business information, check to see if you’re the business owner. If link appears, then the business isn’t claimed and you can click the link. If you don’t see you’re the business owner link, go to slash business and click the get on Google button. Then sign in to your Google account. If you don’t yet have a Google account click create account at the bottom of your screen. You’ll then be asked to search for your business. If you see your business click on it, it’s ok if not all the details are up to date you’ll be able to change them later. If you don’t see your business after searching then click on the magnifying glass to see the option to add your business. Once you’ve finished entering the most current and accurate information for your business, you’ll need to verify it this will tell Google that your business listing is legitimate and maintained by you, the business owner. If there are any edits you’d like to make to the listing we suggest that you click the option to continue and verify later. it’s best not to make any changes to your business name address or category between when you request your verification code and when you actually receive the code and verify your business. If you make these types of changes during this time you might need to request a new code. To help avoid delays in the process, it’s best to make sure that your business name address and category are correct before requesting a verification. That’s all you need to add a business on Google.

If your business is already on Google, you can claim it make any necessary edits and then verify it. So that your updates appear on Google search and Google Maps, just like you would if you are adding a business to Google, begin by visiting slash business and click the get on Google button.

Next sign in to the Google account you used to originally claimed your business you may have multiple Google accounts including one for personal use and one for business use. If you don’t yet have a Google account, click create an account at the bottom of the screen you’ll then be asked to search for your business by name. If any of the search choices match your business information, you can begin the process of claiming that business. By clicking on it and checking to see if you’re business owner link appears. If the link appears then the business isn’t claimed. If the link doesn’t appear try signing in to slash business with any other Google account. You might have to see if you’ve already claimed the business. By using another account, if so the business will appear when you search for it.  Google often add businesses by using information available online.

So, don’t be alarmed if you don’t remember adding your business yourself. If your business is already on Google, you’ll first be asked to confirm that you’re authorized to manage it and agree to the Google my business Terms of Service. Then you’ll see the option to request verification, just like the process for adding a business to Google. If there are any edits you’d like to make to your business information, we’d suggest that you click the option to continue and verify later. If someone has already claimed and verified your business, you’ll receive a pop-up notification asking you to request management rights.

Please remember to sign in with all of your different Google accounts to see if any of them are the business owner on Google. Each business can only have one owner per location, so you won’t be able to duplicate your business if someone else has already verified it. If you want to edit your business information you’ll need to request management rights.

Learn how to do that.In this video and that’s it. Now that you’ve signed up for Google my business, you can make sure that your business  information is available and accurate on Google.

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